Own Phony Clone

My dreams are crashing
Adrenaline dashing, against the wall
What do I do, I’m gonna fall
It’s your call
Save me or not
I know we fought
But why’re you making a line of a dot?
I was caught
In this bundle of knots
‘Cos of a person who I thought would help me get out of this fucking garbage lot
But not!
He took away everything
Everything I’d got
Everything off me & you
The money, the happiness, the remaining few
Every single night, my nails I chew
‘Cos I really don’t know what to do!
So I down two bottles of spritzer and then I start spuming
I forget I’m with her and the problem that is looming
And I forget about being thrown from the throne by my own fucking clone
And now I’m all alone
From dusk to dawn
With not a single non-rusted bone
But what’s gone is gone
No use crying over it
Just cover it
Let your resurrection tower it
Overpower it
And then down it
Write your own joke and clown it.


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