End the Circle of Pain

As we all pursue happiness, we find it in various forms – while enjoying our surroundings, loving the people around us, and living each moment without hesitation. However, rather than letting these joys flow instinctively within us, we have started focusing on exhibiting them to the world on social platforms for people to join in and pass judgement. This validation that we seek from society is incredibly dangerous and harmful. We begin to measure our happiness by judging the validation received in lieu of the contentment of the moment – adding up every view, every like, every comment and every share to determine how happy we are.

These societal pressures and materialistic goals have made us lose track of our inner-selves and has clouded our decision-making. We have built superficial milestones based on society’s definition of success and what our peers define as “cool”. We have forgotten what makes us happy and have started following this abysmal path which portrays us as happy to the world. The depth of this chasm is limitless and the deeper we go, the harder it will be to climb out of it.

We are often self-deprecating with our self-imposed ideals, values and misguided paths causing an endless circle of self-inflicted pain and unhappiness.

Let’s learn to let go. To be oneself and not follow the herd. To believe in our own passion rather than society’s requirement of what is expected of us.


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