End the Circle of Pain

As we all pursue happiness, we find it in various forms – while enjoying our surroundings, loving the people around us, and living each moment without hesitation. However, rather than letting these joys flow instinctively within us, we have started focusing on exhibiting them to the world on social platforms for people to join in and pass judgement. This validation that we seek from society … Continue reading End the Circle of Pain

A Fleeting Moment

Her hollow eyes & filled soul opened my untenanted heart again. Her expressionless smile was so deceitful yet so engaging. My uninhabited, barren heart screamed out for her – wanting to escape from this void. Her inanimate, piercing gaze made me feel so lifeless. As she walked away, I had nothing but an exquisite memory – and that’s all I ever needed. A fleeting moment … Continue reading A Fleeting Moment

Android Apps to Improve Productivity

According to a recent study, people use their smartphones for an average of around 5 hours per day. That’s almost one-third of the time we’re awake! This list of must-have utility apps will help you get more done in lesser time so that you can explore your environment rather than stare at the millions of pixels on your screen. Let’s have a look at the … Continue reading Android Apps to Improve Productivity